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Great Depression Artifacts

If you’ve ever visited a museum, you’ve probably noticed the number of great depression artifacts on display. It’s not surprising to find these items on display, because this period is one of the worst in American history. And although many of these artifacts aren’t well-preserved, there are still a few you should definitely check out. In fact, you might even find yourself surprised at how many of them actually have some historical value!

If you’d like to view more Great Depression artifacts, you can check out the MNHS. Their Collections Online system allows you to search for images and filters your results. You can even choose specific artifacts to view. Once you’ve sorted through the results, you can go and visit the museum’s exhibits. But before you start browsing, check out the various collections online. You’ll be glad you did!

The first of four banking panics began in the fall of 1930, when investors ceased to trust banks and demanded their deposits in cash. This led to bank runs, wherein bank employees were forced to liquidate their loans. Bank runs swept the nation during spring and fall 1931, and thousands of banks closed down. The Depression had a negative impact on farmers on the prairies, and a prolonged drought exacerbated the situation.

Despite the onset of the Great Depression, people managed to maintain a positive attitude. Even during the hardest times, many people chose to stay in their homes and not go out to eat. This meant that their food budgets shrank and they were able to save more money and go out more often. The songs of the time reflected this optimism. One of the most famous songs, “Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries,” contained lyrics stating that good things only lasted for a while.


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